Avax Tokens Liquidity and Volume Balance View liquidity and volume balance of tokens approved by AvaxTech.

Domination Balance View the dominance levels of tokens verified by AvaxTech.

High Volume Tokens Shows the 5 Avax Tokens with the highest 24-hour volume.

COQINU (COQ) Avalanche
Kimbo (KIMBO) Avalanche
KONG (KONG) Avalanche
Husky (HUSKY) Avalanche

Low Volume Tokens Shows the 5 Avax Tokens with the lowest 24-hour volume.

MAGA (TRUMP) Avalanche
Brev (BREV) Avalanche
dogwifhat (WIF) Avalanche
CapyVault (CAPY) Avalanche

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03/20/27 03:36 | 764
How Can I Detect SCAM Tokens?

AvaxTech has prepared a detailed article for you on how to identify SCAM tokens in the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. In this ar...

03/20/27 01:12 | 507
SCAM Tokenleri Nasıl Tespit Edebilirim?

Avalanche (AVAX) ekosisteminde yer alan tokenlerin SCAM olduklarını nasıl tespit edebileceğiniz konusunda AvaxTech taraf�...

03/27/24 01:07 | 465
What is LAMA $LAMA Token?

Created with a community focus, LAMA $LAMA Token has an important place among other Avax Meme tokens in the Avax ecosystem. L...

03/24/24 01:49 | 645
$LEO: The Playful Companion on the AVAX Chain

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, a new star is rising on the Avalanche (AVAX) network – meet $LEO, the token that’...